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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

If you are searching for answers related to your automatic garage door or the electric opener, read the following answers. We know what your usual questions are and try to be consistent towards you. We provide answers in a simple way and cover your recent questions as perfectly as possible.

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Here you can find the answers you were searching for about garage door repair and the maintenance of the entire system.

When the door is off track

It can happen easily. If the garage door cable is loose or the tracks are filthy, the door will not move properly. Garage Door Repair Tampa would suggest taking care of the damaged garage door tracks and making sure of garage door adjustment to avoid unpleasant situations.

Can intruders steal the codes of my opener remote?

Hypothetically, it could happen with old technologies of garage opener remote devices. Though, today things have changed and according to Garage Door Repair Tampa the rolling code technology would prevent such criminal actions with the constant changing of the codes.

Can I program the garage opener remote myself?

It is not a difficult job as long as you are following the instructions to the letter and ensure you did a good job by repeated trials. You wouldn't want to be locked out all of a sudden due to a tiny mistake!

What should I do to clean my prefinished garage door?

In order to clean the surface of your steel garage door, experts at Garage Door Repair Tampa suggest diluting a mild solution of detergent and water. This will gently remove the dust, dirt and other particles that may limit the functionalities of the garage door.

What are the main characteristics of remotes?

Remote controls differ in terms of how many openers they can control. Modern clickers work with rolling code systems and some may control the operation of the door from afar according to the specialists of our company in Tampa. Some have only one button for single garage door opener operation. Some have two buttons for two openers perhaps of different manufacturers. The multicode ones have three buttons for more openers including the gate's opener.

What are the most important safety features available for openers?

Some of the more important safety features a garage door opener should have include rolling code technology that always alters the opening codes of the door and a keypad system that uses a PIN to open and close the door.

What garage door safety measures should I take?

You have to explain the danger of playing around and with the garage door to your children. You should keep the remote control in a place which is hard for kids and for thieves to reach. You have to inspect and test the sensors and the reversal mechanism regularly. You must provide proper maintenance to the door and opener.

What does r-value indicate?

R-value measures the thermal efficiency of products. In the case of garage doors, it gives you an idea of the level of the door's insulation. When the number is higher, energy efficiency is higher but it doesn't double every time you move to a larger number. For example, 18 r-value offers greater energy efficiency than 9 r-value but no double. So, be careful when you selecting.

How do I check my garage door’s balance?

You need to close your garage door and disconnect its corresponding opener. You then need to manually open your door until about halfway. You should be able to do this easily and your door shouldn’t move significantly once it’s in the halfway position. If you struggled to open it and the door closes on its own once opened, you need to immediately call a professional to adjust the balance.


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